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It's time to walk into a new chapter - Capricorn New Moon Ritual 12/23/2022 + journal q's & Reiki

The moon will become officially new at 5:17am eastern time in the sign of Capricorn on December 23.

This New Moon is actually a super moon - meaning the moon will be close to earth and we may feel the energy of the moon even more.

In general, New moons are a time for new beginnings and new emotional cycles.

One thing I love about this New Moon is that it is happening in 1 degree of Capricorn.

If you are into numerology then you may know that 1 signifies new beginnings and the start of a new chapter.

I feel like this week has been a lot of releasing and healing, especially with the solstice.

If you’ve been shedding tears like me, please remember these tears are an emotional release and truly are healing you.

Nothing to ever be ashamed of with crying - tears are beautiful and are happening for you.

Right now is a good time to move slower, find stillness, and enjoy silence, especially because mars is retrograde and mercury will become retrograde on December 28.

When planets become retrograde it means they appear to be moving backwards but that isn’t what is actually happening.

From a how this impacts you perspective - many times when a planet is retrograde it is a good time to re-evaluate.

Keep in mind this is a general over view of retrograde planets - to figure more of how it impacts you, you want to look at the specific planet that is retrograde.

Allow yourself to tune in to your deepest desires and your inner power.

This is a great time to make time for relaxation and retreat a bit.

Give yourself the space to just be.

Right now the energy is encouraging you to get better with saying no and to operate with integrity.

Allow yourself to be straight forward with others but remember you can still come from a place of love.

I always think of a coworker of mine who would tell us No with the biggest smile and the kindest expression - sometimes you’d have to say wait did you just say No because she said it so sweetly that it didn’t fully register.

This is a great time to get clear on new desires / new seeds that you are planting.

When you think of these desires, get clear on what structure do I need to create in order to bring these desires into fruition.

If there is anything you’ve been putting off to sort out - this would be a good time to make the time to get things in order.

If you are able to, go hand out with the trees as nature is very healing right now.

Allow yourself to find balance within - whatever that may mean for you.

Lastly really allow yourself to embrace the abundance of blessing in your life - focusing more on the gratitude.

Cultivating a grateful mind will help you manifest your desires quickly.


First let’s clear our energy:

*grab sage or Palo Santo or other herbs/incense or smudge spray (mine if you have it)*

“I release all that I am ready to let go of. I release all my fears, negative behaviors, other peoples energy, and anything else that is no longer serving me. I ask this smoke to fully cleanse my aura. I ask my energy that is scattered to come back to me. I ask for a miracle healing to take place as I fully release and create space for new beginnings. I am fully open to receiving guidance and support. I invite spirit, my higher self, and any other loving entities to guide me through this ritual and help me articulate my desires clearly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Next lets cleanse our surroundings:

“I clear this space of all energy that is not in my highest and greatest good. I ask this space to be filled with pure love and nurturing energy. I ask this space to support me in this ritual. I am open, safe, supported, and loved in this space. I am allowed to be fully honest with myself in this space. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “


  1. What do you feel is your purpose at this moment - with the idea your purpose can change, evolve and grow in your lifetime?

  2. What new beginnings are you stepping into with this new moon and the new year?

  3. What are your deepest desires?

  4. What kind of structure and discipline in your life can support you and your goals?

  5. How/when can you connect to nature, move slower and find stillness right now?


**start of meditation**

*close your eyes - take a deep breath - take a moment to shake all of your limbs - as you shake you are releasing anything your body has stored that is no longer serving you - each shake allows it to leave effortlessly - when you are ready allow yourself to find stillness - recognizing you are lighter - during the next 10 minutes focus on the sound of the music and notice when your mind is finding complete quiet/stillness*

**when meditation is done**

Bring your hands to your solar plexus and sacral chakra - “I am stepping into new beginnings. I am living my deepest desires. I am aligned with my inner voice. I am centered. I am proud of me. Thank you Reiki, New Moon, the universe, my team and me.

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