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Leo New Moon Ritual 7.28.2022

The moon will become officially new at 1:55pm eastern time in the sign of Leo on July 28.

The energy of this New Moon has a positive feel to it as this is a time for us to step into our creativity and become more childlike.

In general, New moons are a time for new beginnings.

This new moon is really opening up a fresh chapter - inspiring us and motivating us - we feel this because of the trine with Jupiter.

Connect in with your passion projects and bring them to light by taking action.

Allow yourself to express playful, creative, inner child energy to the world.

This is a great time to set goals - especially ones pertaining to your romantic relationships, self-love, and creativity.

This is a time to lighten up and have fun - be childlike.

Allow yourself to embrace a sense of curiosity - broaden your horizons and go on adventures - this can be visiting new places where you live or even reading a book.

This is a time for being spontaneous.

Take initiative on things in your life and really take action.

If you find yourself stepping more into the spotlight in some way, embrace it as this is the time for you to step up and allow yourself to be in a leadership position.

Embrace the confidence you are feeling and allow yourself to show up as an authority.

Keep an eye out for something unexpected popping up.

This could be an opportunity that helps you really step into a new beginning.

This new moon is reminding you that you are loved and supported.

Open your eyes to the signs the universe is sending you.

Grab Palo Santo, sage, incense, or some clearing spray (mine if you have it), etc.:

First let’s clear our energy:

“I clear my aura of any heaviness and energy that does not serve me. I clear my aura fully - only leaving my energy. I ask any energy I have scattered to come back to my aura. I am whole. I am free. I am me. I am love. I invite spirit, my higher self, and any other loving entities to guide me through this ritual and help me articulate my desires clearly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Next let’s cleanse our surroundings:

“I clear this space of all energy that is not in my highest and greatest good. I ask this space to be filled with pure love and nurturing energy. I ask this space to support me in this ritual. I am open, safe, supported, and loved in this space. I invite in my team, the new moon energy, and any other loving support for this ritual. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Grab a piece of paper and pen/pencil

  1. Thinking of the warm/playful characteristic of Leo … how can you be more warm to others or yourself while maintaining boundaries?

  2. Take a few minutes to just draw or dance - whichever you feel called to do - get creative.

  3. What is it that would make you feel more self-confident / self-love?

  4. What have you been curious about lately?

  5. What goals are you setting with this new moon?


If you’d like to receive Reiki Healing during your meditation then please check out my YouTube video for this New Moon Ritual:

**beginning of meditation**

Take a deep breath - place your hands right above your belly button - focus on your solar plexus connecting into your inner power - when your mind starts to wonder come back to focusing here

**end of meditation**

Bring your hands to your solar plexus “I allow myself to experience more joy, self-confidence, and fun. I am grateful for inner guidance. I am grateful for this life. I am creating my life in a way that feels good for me.  Thank you Moon. Thank you Universe. Thank you team. Thank you Reiki. Thank you.”

When you’re ready release your hands - take a deep breath - maybe take a quick stretch and start to slowly come back to the room.

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