This journal is the ULTIMATE self awareness  journal to helping you become more self aware and to manage your time.


How this journal helps you:

- you will become aware of your habits

- you will learn how food is making you feel

- you will notice how your body changes as your hormones change

- you will notice how you change with the different moon phases

- you will become aware of your thoughts

- you will learn how what you watch & listen to makes you feel

- plan out your week and your day - you can plan hour by hour

- journal your feelings every day 

... and so much more!


There is truly no other journal/planner out there like this one!


It has everything you could want with scheduling your life and paying attention to your health!


DIMENSIONS: 6x9 with coil binding


Wake Up, Girl!

A 6 Week Journey to Learning Yourself



- Planner: Monthly, Weekly + Daily

- Food Journal

- Journal (42 prompts)

- Inspirational Quotes

- Moon Phase Descriptions

- Moon Phase Calendar for 2020

- Prompts to increase your Self Awareness

- Emotional Daily Check Ins

- Physical Daily Check Ins



If you have any questions/concerns please let me know!

6 Week Self Awareness Journal/ Daily + Weekly Planner / Food Journal / 2020 Moon