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Introducing our Small Lotus Flower Chakra Candle Set, a gateway to balanced energies and heightened meditation experiences. Each candle embodies one of the seven chakras, meticulously designed in the form of a delicate lotus flower. Whether you choose to align with a specific chakra or immerse yourself in a harmonious symphony of all seven, this set offers the flexibility to tailor your meditation practice to your needs. Let the soft glow of these candles guide you towards tranquility and self-discovery, fostering a deeper connection to your inner being and the chakra system. Elevate your spiritual journey and cultivate a sense of wholeness with our Lotus Flower Chakra Candle Set – a testament to the power of intention and mindful meditation.

Chakra Candle - (1 Candle, Full Set, or Full Set + Holder)

  • All candles are charged with Reiki Energy and are made from vegan wax.


    *please note the candles are made one by one so colors may vary slightly from the pictures you see*



    Length: 12.25in

    Width: 2.4in

    Height: 0.75in


    Chakra Candle:

    Length: 1in

    Width: 1.5in (including flower pedals)

    Height: 1in


    Burn time is about 30 minutes

    Please be sure to keep an eye on these are they burn

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