Candles to help you with connecting to your Chakras.


You can use these when you meditate - lighting a chakra candle to work with a specific chakra or lighting all 7 to help bring more balance to your chakras.


Keep in mind your intention is what matters most!


All candles are charged with Reiki Energy and are made from vegan wax.

The holder is made from concrete and you are able to scrape the wax off to re-use the holder.


Everything listed is handmade, so slight variations and imperfections may exist.


Please note the candles are made one by one so colors may vary slightly from the pictures you see.



Length: 12.25in

Width: 2.4in

Height: 0.75in


Chakra Candle:

Length: 1in

Width: 1.5in (including flower pedals)

Height: 1in


Burn time is about 30 minutes

Please be sure to keep an eye on these are they burn

Chakra Candle - (1 Candle, Full Set, or Full Set + Holder)