Hidden Crystal Intention Candles to help you manifest!


Each candle contains 2 hidden crystals that align with the specific intention.

Each intention has a variety of 8-14 different crystals you can receive.


The crystals are charged with reiki prior to being added to the candles to cleanse the crystals and amplify their natural properties.


The candles are charged with Reiki once they are ordered.

I focus on your energy as I charge the Reiki this final time to help attract your desired outcome.


Once you reach the crystals at the bottom of the candle, you can visit a specific website to confirm which crystals you received (website address is included with the candle).


Candles are VERY LIGHTLY SCENTED with essential oils:

Abundance Candle - Lemongrass Essential Oils

Love Candle - Rose Essential Oil

Healing Candle - Lavender Essential Oil

Creativity - Bergamot Essential Oil

*Power candle is unscented*


Wax: Coconut Wax Blend

Size: 8oz


Jar Size: Height: 5.1"  Width: 2.2"

Hidden Crystal Intention Candle - Love, Healing, Abundance, Power