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Introducing our Meditation Candle Set, perfect for those seeking to incorporate mindfulness and relaxation into their daily routine. Each set includes your ideal number small lotus flower chakra candles in your favorite colors, allowing you to meditate with a different candle each day of the week. These candles are designed to burn for approximately 30 minutes, providing just the right amount of time for a soothing meditation session. The calming flicker of the candle flame and gentle scent will help you create a peaceful atmosphere for your practice. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting out, our Meditation Candle Set is a wonderful addition to your self-care rituals.


*holder not included*

Meditation Candle Set

  • All candles are charged with Reiki Energy and are made from vegan wax.


    *please note the candles are made one by one so colors may vary slightly from the pictures you see*



    Length: 12.25in

    Width: 2.4in

    Height: 0.75in


    Chakra Candle:

    Length: 1in

    Width: 1.5in (including flower pedals)

    Height: 1in


    Burn time is about 30 minutes

    Please be sure to keep an eye on these are they burn

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