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Capricorn Full Moon Ritual 7.13.2022

The moon will become officially full at 2:38pm EST in Capricorn on July 13.

This full moon is our 2nd super full moon of 2022 and it is actually the brightest and biggest super full moon of 2022.

As a refresher, a super moon means the moon is close to earth - which can also magnify our emotions a bit more than full moons normally do.

In general, full moons typically bring heightened creativity and sometimes feelings of tension. This is an opportunity to reflect on what is not working in your life so you can begin to make changes. Full moons also help expedite the manifestation of goals.

The energy of this full moon is a bit intense, so don’t be surprised if you are feeling rather sensitive right now.

This is a really good time to focus on grounding your energy and doing things that help you feel a sense of peace.

If you can get outside, this is one of the best ways to ground your energy.

Right now your intuition may be heightened, making this a really good time to go within.

If you can step into your heart and feel your way through some decisions, it will help you gain clarity and move in a way that is truthful for you.

Psychic energy is really prominent right now.

Pay attention to impulses and insights you are receiving - keep in mind these can be very subtle ie. a random idea or a feeling.

Even if you cannot see the bigger picture, allow yourself to honor what you are receiving.

This is a wonderful time to create a consistent meditation routine where you also journal as journaling can help you connect in with your soul.

This full moon is all about deep inner transformation as there is a conjunction with Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, and transformation, which is causing some of the heavy vibrations you may be feeling.

If you are feeling called to work on yourself, now is definitely the time.

Get clear on your life - what is and isn’t working for you - where do you want to be and what is stopping you from getting there?

Allow yourself to take better care of your physical body right now - tune in to what it needs, really listen to it. Your body will let you know what it did / didn’t like. Pay attention.

As with any change, sometimes it may feel a little uncomfortable as you are going through the change, but in the end it always works out for the better.

Keep this in mind as things continue to unfold in your personal life and globally.

Think of the things you can control and continue to take responsibility for your life and work on what you can change.

Right now is a great time to be mindful of how you are communicating with yourself / what you are saying to yourself - your body hears everything you say. Allow yourself to start to speak positively and with kindness to yourself.

Lastly, with this full moon, you may start to see the physical manifestation of things you have been working towards.

Be open to receiving what is in your highest and greatest good.


Grab Palo Santo, sage, incense, or some clearing spray, etc.:

“I clear my energy of all energy that is not mine. I ask all negativity, fear, worry, anxiety, anger, and sadness to be cleansed from my aura. I surround myself in blue and gold light - welcoming in uplifting healing vibes. I invite myself to find more happiness, peace, and play in my life. I let go of everything that no longer serves me. I am open to blessings and everything I have been working on manifesting. May all my desires flow in with ease. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Let’s clear the room

“I ask all energy to clear from this space. I invite in nurturing, warm, loving energy. I am grateful for this space and for the security I feel in it. May this space assist me on my journey, helping me truly connect in to my inner self, the energy around me, and the energy of the full moon. I invite in my loving team, the universe, the full moon energy, and any other loving energy that would like to join into this space to assist me with this full moon ritual. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


  1. Grab a piece of paper - questions.

    1. In what ways could you take better care of your physical body?

    2. What activities help you feel grounded and calm?

    3. What is it you are letting go of?

    4. Where do you want to be, what is stopping you from getting there, and what can you do to get closer?

    5. Write a letter to the full moon speaking positively about yourself and share with it things you are proud of that happened recently.

If you'd like to receive Reiki Healing during your meditation then please check out my YouTube video for this full moon ritual:

Take a deep breath in - imagine yourself connecting upward into the ceiling above you, continuing up into the sky, moving to the top of earths atmosphere, and moving beyond into the stars in the sky - connecting to the cosmic energy as your soul ascends. Allow your vibration to raise higher and higher.

**end of meditation**

I invite you to bring your hands to your heart - I honor my truth - I am the creator of my life - I am capable of any change - I am open to all transformations that are meant for me. Thank you full moon and reiki energy for the healing I received. Thank you for all your support. Thank you team for aiding me on my journey. Thank you me for honoring myself and making the time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you’re ready release your hands - take another deep breath - maybe take a quick stretch and start to slowly come back to the room.

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