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Change is NOW! Aquarius Super Full Moon Ritual 8/11/22

The moon will become officially full at 9:36pm EST in Aquarius on August 11.

This full moon is our 3rd and final Super full moon of 2022.

As a refresher, a super moon means the moon is close to earth - which can also magnify our emotions a bit more than full moons normally do.

In general, full moons typically bring heightened creativity and sometimes feelings of tension. This is an opportunity to reflect on what is not working in your life so you can begin to make changes. Full moons also help expedite the manifestation of goals.

This is a time for real change and transformation.

You may be feeling called to start new habits or let go of old ones - if so take action to make it a reality.

This is a good time to find what brings you feelings of inner freedom.

What helps you feel more open and expands your heart?

Right now with this Aquarius energy, emotions may feel more vibrant and it may feel easier to express yourself.

Allow yourself to embrace your inner emotions and feelings.

This is a great time to be more social and really enjoy living life - like step away from technology and go on more adventures - truly experiencing life.

Life is meant to be lived!

3 days earlier, on 8/8, we had the Lionsgate portal which is a time where Sirius energy can be felt more easily and abundance/positive energy is flowing - tap into this energy and allow yourself to be open to what is meant for you.

Remember you are a divine being who is capable of creating anything.

Allow yourself to dream of all the wonderful things that will soon flow into your life.

Right now be open to aha moments, revelations, and forward thinking.

Release fear as much as you can and each day make a conscious effort to operate from a place of love.

One thing to note with all the energy happening right now from the lions gate portal and the full moon, be gentle with yourself and honor what you need.

Each day may feel totally different - one where you just want to do nothing and another where you are fully motivated.

Release any judgement and listen to your intuition to continue to give yourself what you need.



Grab Palo Santo, sage, some clearing spray:

“I ask all dense and fearful energy to be cleared from my aura. I ask any energy that is not mine to go back to where it came from. I cleanse my aura fully and ask my own energy to fully return back to me. I am stepping into love, possibility, wonder, and pure joy. I am new. I am authentically me. I am. I welcome all that is meant for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Let’s clear the room

“I clear this room of all heavy, negative energy and energy that is not in my highest and greatest good. I ask this space to be filled with warm gold light - creating a safe, loving, supportive, uplifting space for this ritual. May this space assist me on my journey, helping me truly connect in to my inner self, the energy around me, and the energy of the full moon. I invite in my loving team, the universe, the full moon energy, and any other loving energy that would like to join into this space to assist me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


  1. Grab a piece of paper - questions.

    1. Let’s take a deep breath and focus on the area right above our belly button - our solar plexus - take a another breath into that space - now I want you to ask yourself how am I feeling? Allow any emotions to come to the surface - if you’d like to write about them you can or you can just allow yourself to feel in this moment and breathe.

    2. What are you ready to change in your life and what steps can you make this transformation a reality?

    3. Imagine abundance flowing to you at a an extremely fast rate - what does this abundance look like, what kind of life does it give you, how do you feel with this additional abundance?

    4. Lets take a moment to write to the full moon - you can ask for any guidance you’d like from the full moon or write anything you’d like to release to the full moon - or something else - whatever you want to share with her.

if you'd like to meditate with me and receive reiki healing then click the video above

(time stamps listed in the description of the video)


Take a deep breath in - imagine yourself abundant - living your dream life - feeling light and playful. Focus on these feelings over the next 10 minutes as I send you reiki.

**end of meditation**

I invite you to bring your hands to your heart - I am abundant - I am love - I create my dream life with ease - Thank you full moon and reiki energy for the healing I received. Thank you for all your support. Thank you team for aiding me on my journey. Thank you me for honoring myself and making the time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you’re ready release your hands - take another deep breath - maybe take a quick stretch and start to slowly come back to the room.

If you are able to - get out and dance under the full moon.

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