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Feel Your Anger, Get Closure + Find Forgiveness - Gemini Full Moon Ritual - 12/7/22

The moon will become officially full at 11:09pm EST in Gemini on December 7.

This is our last full moon of 2022.

With full moons we typically experience heightened emotions, creativity, and sometimes feelings of tension.

This is an opportunity to reflect on what is not working in your life so you can begin to make changes.

Full moons also help expedite the manifestation of goals.

I want to note your dreams may become more intense a few days after and before the full moon.

Pay attention to your dreams as you may gain insights from them - starting a dream journal helps with this.

If you are someone who doesn’t remember their dreams, leave a pen and paper by the bed and right when you open your eyes grab the pen and give yourself a few minutes to just start writing - your dream will start to come back to you and the more you do this the easier it will get.

The energy of this full moon is a bit charged and maybe bring up feelings of impatience.

You may find it challenging to keep your emotions balanced.

You may feel intense emotions about something.

You may find yourself having aggravated or reactive emotions.

This is a good time for you to feel any anger you may have been holding within and allow it to escape.

Keep in mind with anger that this kind of exercise is something you should do that will not hurt you or anyone else.

My favorite ways to release my anger is to write about it or just sit with the anger when I feel it coming up.

I find we don’t always allow ourselves to fully feel our emotions - and for me anger is one of those feelings I used to really shy away from because I would be scared of what I’d do when I felt angry. I have now learned to allow myself to feel anger in my body and enjoy th feeling - sometimes it feels like a heat or a racing heart or just a rage - allowing myself to feel that and then breathe deeply to really let it go or us it to fuel a workout or a creative project.

With this full moon, one of the main points I want you to remember is that it is okay to feel.

You are human - embrace the feeling aspect of being human.

Now I know not all feelings feel good, but the most beautiful thing about feelings is that they change and you will feel differently.

If there is a different path or a certain topic you have been contemplating, this is a time where those ideas may be triggered again and you may go back to learning something new or looking more into that specific path.

I feel like for a lot of us career is a really big trigger right now. Whether that be changes in your current workplace or a feeling of not knowing what is the next step/feeling a little down about where you currently are.

If there is something you’ve been wanting to take a leap towards, this is a time to get clear on how you are spending your energy and what would be a really good use of your time.

This is a powerful time to work on training your mind and being very deliberate about the words you choose in talking to yourself and others.

Words have power and your beliefs matter so much.

Work towards creating a more positive mindset where you reframe negative beliefs, judge people less, gossip less, complain less, and stop looking for the bad in all things.

We will all have thoughts that don’t always feel good, but the quicker you can recognize those thoughts and switch your thought to something else that feels good, the faster you will make a change and eventually you won’t have as many thoughts that don’t feel good. It is all about the little steps.

Starting a gratitude list is also something that can really help with retraining your mind.

Thoughts turn into beliefs - if you keep thinking the same thought enough time if will become one of your beliefs.

Work on changing your thoughts and that will change your beliefs and that will also have an impact on your physical body/health/energy.

Overall this full moon energy is really about making shifts that will honor what is best for your energy now.



Grab Palo Santo, sage, some clearing spray:

“I ask any low vibe, worried, fearful, sad, and dense energy to be cleared from my aura. I send all energy that is not mine back to where it came from. I release anything that is no longer serving me. I welcome in white light to fully cleanse my energy and clear, balance and align my chakras and meridians. I allow myself to connect more deeply with my intuition and inner self. I ask my heart to open so I can connect in with love more easily. I am open to all that is meant for me and welcome in new blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Let’s clear the room

“I ask all unwanted, heavy, negative energy to leave from this room and my space. I invite in uplifting, loving, caring energy. May this space allow me to connect in with my inner dreams and my deepest desires. I invite in my loving team, the universe, the full moon energy, and any other loving energy that would like to join into this space to assist me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



Grab a piece of paper and pen

  • How have you been feeling lately - what emotions have you buried?

  • What are you forgiving yourself and others for?

  • What changes have you been contemplating making or what topics have you been looking to learn more about?

  • What shifts do you need to make that would best honor your energy?

  • Write 5 things you are grateful for.

[watch the YouTube video to receive distance reiki healing]

**beginning of meditation**

Take a deep breath in - imagine a circle of magenta and turquoise light filling around your heart - with each breath you take this circle of light grows bigger as the energy around your heart, your love, and your capacity for love expands - tune into this space and allow yourself to feel more expansive - whenever your mind starts to wander come back to this circle of agent and turquoise light

**end of meditation**

I invite you to bring your hands to your heart - I am trusting in the journey - I am honoring my energy - I allow blessings to flow to me with ease - I am a powerful creator of my life - Thank you full moon and reiki energy for the healing I received. Thank you for all your support. Thank you team for aiding me on my journey. Thank you me for honoring myself and making the time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you’re ready release your hands - take another deep breath - maybe take a quick stretch and start to slowly come back to the room.

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