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It's Time to Move Forward - Aquarius New Moon Ritual - January 21, 2023

The moon will become officially new at 3:55pm eastern time in the sign of Aquarius on January 21.

This New Moon is actually a super moon - meaning the moon will be close to earth and we may feel the energy of the moon even more. Fun fact this is said to be the closest new moon in the last 992 years.

In general, New moons are a time for new beginnings, new emotional cycles and setting intentions.

This is another new moon starting in the first degree of a sign - this one is 1 degree of Aquarius - the last new moon was in 1 degree of Capricorn.

If you are into numerology then you may know that 1 signifies new beginnings and the start of a new chapter.

So all in all the energies of new changes are really here.

This is a powerful time to release the old and welcome in the new.

If there is anything that’s been working for you, continue it, but get clear on what needs to change.

Right now you may be feeling as if you’re living between two worlds - in transition from the old but not fully stepped into the new.

Be patient and be gentle with yourself.

This is a time to be more open with intentions rather than being very specific.

Focus on how you want to feel and find ways to experience those feelings each day - remembering to be thankful for them each time you feel them.

Embrace your quirkiness and allow yourself to stand out - fully embracing and living as your authentic self.

Good time for breath work and connecting with water for healing.

One thing to note, after this new moon we will have zero major planets - meaning we are truly stepping into a time of moving forward.

With this new moon, allow yourself to move at your own pace - where are you rushing to - where’s the fire; Nourish yourself, be playful and find joy.


Grab Palo Santo, sage, some clearing spray:

“I release all expectations that I have. I release all dense energy that is in my aura. I release anything that is holding me back. I release all that is no longer serving me. I welcome in healing energy. I welcome in loving energy. I ask to be fully cleansed. I allow myself to fully open and create space for new unexpected beginnings. I invite spirit, my higher self, and any other loving entities to guide me through this ritual. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Let’s clear the room

“I ask this space to be cleared of all energy. I ask loving, warm, uplifting, caring, high vibes energy to fill this space. I ask the energy of the four elements - air, fire, water, earth - to fill the room and surround me. I ask this space to support me in this ritual. I am open, safe, supported, and loved in this space. I am allowed to be fully honest with myself in this space. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “



  1. Grab a piece of paper - questions.

    1. Who is the new version of you - how does you feel, what do you do, how do you move through the day, etc.?

    2. What are your favorite unique/quirks about yourself? How can you show them more / embrace them more?

    3. How can you be more gentle with yourself?

    4. What new beginnings are you welcoming in?


(meditate with me and receive reiki via the full moon ritual on YouTube!)

Before we start meditating let’s do a few seated cat cow - allowing ourselves to open up our heart space a bit - grasp hands behind back to open heart a but further


Get comfortable and close your eyes - take a deep breath - imagine your aura/energy being completely open to alll the blessings and amazing new beginnings flowing your way - connect to how this all feels - during the next 10 minutes focus on the sound of the music and when your mind starts to chatter come back to the image of your energy being open to blessings.*

**end of meditation**

Bring your hands to your heart chakra - “I am open to what is meant for me. I trust life is always working out for me. I embrace change with ease. Blessings continuously flow to me. I am thankful. I am grateful. I am living as me - the authentic me. Thank you Reiki, New Moon, the universe, my team and me.

You can take one last deep breath if that feels good - maybe take a quick stretch and when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take as much time as you need.

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