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It's Time to Shine Bright - Leo Full Moon Ritual - February 5, 2023

The moon will become officially full at 1:30pm EST in Leo on February 5.

In general, Full moons are a time for us to see what is not working in our life so we can begin to make changes. They also show us what we have manifested since the new moon.

Right now you may experience some tension and become aware of what is no longer working in your life.

Whatever is no longer serving you may be breaking down or you may just encounter some disruptive energy.

Allow yourself to embrace the feelings of uncertainty while doing your best to remain open to new possibilities and the opportunity to be surprised.

Uranus is helping awaken us to a deeper truth and helping us look at things from a new perspective.

If you are currently in the midst of a big life change, please know it is happening for you.

This is a time to step forward - fully embracing your truths and allowing your light to shine bright.

The world needs you expressing your strengths and doing what you are passionate about.

With the Leo energy you may feel a sense of courage - it is really here - use it and allow it to help you move forward.

What you want is 100% possible.

You may find things are starting to come together now - this is a time for healing.

Keep in mind, as you shift and change it may take a little bit of time before you fully step into your new energetic self.

Be patient, allow yourself to relax when needed.

One thing to note, with this full moon your heart is being activated - you may find yourself feeling a bit more sensitive than normal and/or coming back to what is meaningful for you.

Allow your heart to lead you.

This is a good time to connect into a community of like-minded people.

Overall with this full moon, this is a time to lighten up, have fun, be creative and childlike, avoid conflict, relax, drink lots of fluids, and return to what you want.

Getting out in nature will also be very beneficial.


Grab Palo Santo, sage, some clearing spray:

“I clear myself of all negativity and other peoples energy. I detach myself from what is no longer meant for me. I invite white, green, and gold light to surround me in a powerful healing bubble connecting my heart chakra and solar plexus chakra and grounding my energy to both the earth and the stars. I open myself up to whatever is in my highest and greatest good, trusting the insight I receive from within. I invite my team and any loving entities to assist me with this ritual. I am light. I am free. I am connected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let’s clear the room

“I ask all low vibrations and unwanted energy to leave this space. I allow this space to assist me on my journey, helping me to truly heal what is in my heart and to feel more connected to my inner self. I invite loving, caring, supportive, warm, playful energy into this space. I am open to receiving blessings. I am open to a healing that is meant for me. I am open to feeling playful and lighter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



  1. Grab a piece of paper - questions.

    1. What are you ready to move forward into in your life?

    2. Who are you when you are shining your brightest?

    3. Take your non-dominant hand and draw things that make you happy.

    4. Write to the full moon - whatever you are releasing, celebrating, want help with, etc.


(meditate with me and receive reiki via the full moon ritual on YouTube!)


Please get comfortable and close your eyes - place one hand on your heart chakra and one hand on your solar plexus chakra - become aware of your heart beat and your stomach rising/falling as you breathe in and out - imagine green energy flowing from your heart down to above your belly button and yellow energy flowing from above your belly button to your heart - see the two colors green and yellow intertwine - creating a strong connection from your heart to your solar plexus - as we meditate and your mind starts to wander come back to this image of the colors intertwined and the connection strengthening

**end of meditation**

You can bring one hand back to your heart and one hand back to your solar plexus - I am confident. I am courageous. I am connected to my inner self. I am love. I am healed. I am authentically me - it is safe to shine bright. - Thank you full moon for the healing and growth I received tonight. Thank you for all your support. Thank you team for aiding me on my journey. Thank you me for honoring myself and making the time. Thank you.

You can take one last deep breath if that feels good - maybe take a quick stretch and when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take as much time as you need.

If you feel called, get outside and bathe in the light of the full moon - let it nourish you.

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