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Let Go + Create Space - Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Ritual - 11/8/22

The moon will become officially full at 6:02am EST in Taurus on November 8.

This full moon is a blood moon lunar eclipse, bringing in change.

A Lunar Eclipse is when the earth stands between the moon and the sun, cutting off the light of the sun from the moon (essentially the moon disappears).

During a lunar eclipse, you may experience break throughs, major releases, transformations, healing and all of this can happen fast.

Right now you may be feeing a bit more sensitive, irritable, facing shadow aspects of yourself, energetically drained, or off-balance.

Making self-care and grounding exercises a priority will help.

Staying hydrated is important right now to help you release what is no longer serving you.

Taurus rules money, security, values and our physical bodies, so you may be experiencing things around these topics popping up for you to work through.

Now is a time to release beliefs that are keeping you from showing up as your most vibrant self.

This is also a time for healing things from your past.

Creating discipline and structure that will help you to create freedom in your life.

Overall with this lunar eclipse, you may feel things being stirred up around self worth, personal finances, values, and security.

This is a time for you to really connect into your internal self and listen to the guidance from within.



Grab Palo Santo, sage, some clearing spray:

“I ask my aura to be cleansed of all beliefs, habits, connections, thoughts, and more that are no longer serving me. I ask my aura to be cleansed of anyone else’s energy - leaving only my energy in my aura. I call in all of my energy from wherever it is to come back to me. I invite white light to surround my body and enter each of my cells providing me with a miracle healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I am cleansed. I am light. I am love. I am transformed. I am new. I am. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Let’s clear the room

“I clear this room of all energy that does not serve me and any energy that is dense. I ask this space to be filled with gold light allowing a miracle healing to take place in this space for anyone who enters. I ask this space to support me as I work with the full moon eclipse energy. I am open to healing. I am open to transforming. I am open to all that is meant for me. I connect in with my inner power and welcome in my loving team to assist me with this ritual. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”



Grab a piece of paper and pen.

  1. Write 5 or more things you love about yourself.

  2. What do you now feel you are worthy of?

  3. What are you healing within yourself this full moon?

  4. What beliefs are you releasing to the full moon that no longer serve you?

(meditate and receive reiki via the above YouTube video)


Start of meditation:

Get comfortable and close your eyes - take your hands and bring all of your fingers together and bring your hand from the top of your head to as far as you can go and imagine yourself cleansing your aura - creating space for what is meant for you as you let go of what is ready to be released. Each time you move your hand over your body imagine yourself fully cleansed. - for the next 10 minutes feel yourself as brand new - free from all burdens and pain.

End of meditation:

Bring your hands to your heart - take a moment to feel your heart beat - Thank you full moon eclipse for the healing I received tonight, thank you team for assisting me with my journey, thank you me for making the time, thank you.

When you are ready slowly open your eyes and take as much time as you need.

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